How to buy

How to buy

Invite her to take a walk through our site and to enter the category of products that interest you or use the search area.
If you like a specific product, click on its image to view details and photos.
We have a minimum purchase of €5.

Purchase a product:
- "Start Session" if you already have an account or "Sign up"
- Select "Add to Cart"

At any time you can check the contents of your shopping cart when clicking the link in the shopping cart in the upper right corner.
You can also remove items or change the quantity thereof, whenever you want, just by clicking the "Update" so that your changes can take effect.

When you finish your shopping:
- Select the "Shopping Cart" (top right)
- If you check include "Code of the Valley"
- Confirm the "Mode of Transmission"
- Select the "Payment Method" that you want
- Click on "Pay"
- Confirm your shipping address

- Finalize your order by clicking "Submit Order"
- The completion of an order implies acceptance of the Terms & Conditions of use and purchase.

All these steps will be presented in a very simple, intuitive, as is selecting what you want.

Then receive an email with our confirmation and detailed description of your purchase.
If you do not receive the email in the following minutes , possibly not completed your order (make sure you still have the product in the shopping cart) or if the confirmation email will have been sent to your spam or junk mail (check these folders on your mail).
If you do not check any of these situations, please contact us for or tlm : (+351) 965 365 698 or 969 369 453.

The prices are expressed in Euro and include VAT at the prevailing rate. 
The prices may change without notice .

In the area of ​​user can view all your orders and their status .

For more information see our FAQ'S area .