Secure Store

Secure Store

Buy at Mim'arte® is completely safe.

What ensures the security and privacy?
The Mim'arte® does not store any banking or credit card data.
Means of payment this online store are made ​​directly in the applications of organizations. Your entered data are sent with encryption via a secure SSL protocol and are not stored in this store.

What does SSL ?
SSL stands for Secure Socet Layer and establishing a secure connection between a page or site and your browser, through a secure protocol (https).
A secure connection can identify a key, a padlock in the status bar of your browser. Depending on your browser you will also find information about the certificate next to the address bar.
This ensures that all sensitive data is transferred securely between your browser and can not be read or altered by third parties.
For these reasons, we guarantee complete safety when entering data on any purchase made in Mim'arte®.

All processing of personal data is done in accordance with applicable law and in accordance with the law no. 4 of article 10º of Law no. 67/98 of 26 October, which refers to the security conditions on the collection of information on open networks.

The Mim'arte® respects the privacy of your data and a store is 100 % secure.