About our Products

About our Products

In Mim'arte® tried to ally quality and price to the most recent innovations and fashion trends in Europe and the World.

Here two types of products:

Components for Jewelry
Find a wide range of materials to create her pieces, cheaper metals and Zamak with anti-allergic properties, silver pieces of great durability, strength and quality.
Yarn leather high quality with various measures, textures, thicknesses and colors .
Yarn, balls and cork skin of high quality and produced in Portugal.
Cabochons resin adhesives (stickers) with image, high quality and national production, we have several measures at its disposal .
Among other components.

Fashion Accessories
Find handmade fashion accessories, some of them unique and customizable, divided by collections: Vintage Collection, Leather Collection and Cork Colection made ​​with the finest materials and quality workmanship.
Due to the handmade nature of these products, they may vary slightly in color, size or finish but will be as perfect as those shown in the picture or better.

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